Jeep tours, rappelling and biking
At Ramon Crater 050-998-8144

We at Negevland will organize and carry out for you every activity and challenge in Ramon Crater and its surroundings


Jeep tours in Ramon Crater

- Jeep tours to central and eastern sites of Ramon Crater, the Tsin River Springs and the Eilat Mountains, guided and driven tours by the Ministry of Tourism license and insured

Bicycle tours and bicycle rental

I founded the Bicycle Tours Company in Crater Ramon in 1994 from the oldest in Israel travel companies, guided bicycle tours by a certified field trip guide Wingate Institute by law

Rappelling in reverse

Rappelling in Mitzpe Ramon

Rappelling in Mitzpe Ramon Surf Cliffs - Rappelling in the Cliff Visitor Center and Cliffs complex in Mitzpe Ramon, Nahal Tamar and the Eilat Mountains Eilat, suitable for individuals, families and small groups

tour guides

Guided walking tours, family trips and overseas tours by Tourists licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in English French German, Guided city tour in Mitzpe Ramon / Eilat

About Us

Wipe Land

Vacation in Mitzpe Ramon?
We in the Negev Land will organize and carry out all the activities in the challenging resort in Mitzpe Ramon and its surroundings.
Negev Nland specializes in organizing challenging vacation packages in Mitzpe Ramon, trips to Ramon crater sites combined with open jeeps.
We can operate from tens to hundreds of participants in parks for challenging activities and their surroundings, and parks for active activities.

We have:
Closed and air-conditioned jeeps in Mitzpe Ramon. Integration of open jeeps in the mountains of Eilat.
Mountain Bikes - For groups of up to 100 riders at one go
Rappelling by licensed instructors.
Bows and arrows-tracks and mobile ranges.
Omega - angular surfing - for groups.
Shade sheds, and equipment for children's art workshops.
Catering equipment for refreshment stands and receptions.
Coordinate catering services for field events at all levels.
The activities are guaranteed professional liability and third party insurance.
The company has another branch in Eilat

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