Ramon Crater sites - sites not to be missed

Going for a trip to Ramon Crater sites? Some sites that are a MUST to say were, we saw, and understood, and hope we enjoyed too. For jeep tours click here.

Beyond the usual sites listed in all tourist guides such as the "sawmill" site. The Ammonite Wall, Ein Saharonim, or Khan Wells and the future geological park along the harem color and groundwater ponds on its sides, on a jeep tour we will visit the red clay quarries, understand the significance of the bass site, excel in panoramic views of Mount Gwen, understand the crater structure and the other, The "glass sand" will reach a semi-daily route to the Nekarot River Horseshoe and "the dyke wall" from those mighty gamma-rooms that burst into the cracks in the soft sedimentary rocks, creating a unique landscape line in layers of rocky rock, of course, which can be reached at all sites even in private vehicles, with later footpaths expected in ranks. Different difficulty. For a bike ride click here.

Pleasant trip and fun vacation!