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Guided walking tours, family trips and overseas tours by tourist guides licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in English French German, Guided tour of Mitzpe Ramon / Eilat on pioneering settlements and the establishment of development cities and mines and turning them into tourist centers, geological routes, and just another Hawaiian desert than you know, In the short jeep tour routes [two hours and four hours], we will start the observation to the western part of the Mamel Ramon crater, at the conclusion of the observation and the geographical survey, descend on Route 40 to the crater Ramon, we will drive in the Nahal Ramon to the sandy and clay colored sites. To the mining in the 1950s, we will take a panoramic view and explain the formation of the crater / s at the head of "Mount Gwenim" down in the reptile ravine is a river of tones so named after the bones of the dinosaurs which are close to the spring and the desert of Ein Saharonim, at the half-day track for about 4 hours] In its walls, the wall of the dykes and the Khan wells of the Haru site Of H"rt"g "geological park Harmon colors and Mhsnf Mae abyss where, at the end of sublime Mitzpe Ramon.

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