Activities and prices

(for singles, for families and for small groups)

Guided by Alan Gafny, a certified tour guide by the ministry of tourism, and a rappelling guide (climbing and surfing), and a certified bike instructor by Wingate institute.

A  two and a half hour jeep tour to the sites of Ramon Crater + rappelling

[time distribution according to you] with optional combining of an archery range to stationary targets – 950 NIS for activity – up to 8 passengers in jeep. The activity is suitable for small groups of up to 15 participants. We will survey the Ramon Crater, the red clay and gypsum quarries, enjoy a panoramic view from the top of Mount Gvanim, the oil pipeline Or Ein Saharonim, HaRamon color park, with colorful sand dunes, that children and adults love, and back to Mitzpe Ramon.

The route is longer than the activities in the tour,
Jeep tour – a short (2.5 hours) tour in a single jeep (up to 8 participants) to the sites in the center of the Ramon Crater with geographical survey and geological explanation about the towns, and more.-750 Nis up to 8 pax in a jeep.

A 4-hour trip in the same format – 1,050 NIS per activity, up to 8 participants in the activity,

Day trip to the eastern sites of the Ramon Crater and the Nabatean Spice Route crosses Nahal Nekarot and Ramat Katzera and back via road 40 – 1,700 NIS.

Day trip jeep tour and road transportation from Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat hotels – 1,700 NIS per jeep.

Rappelling – 2 hours abseiling stand [by a certified instructor] 980 NIS, abseiling stand per hour for individuals 500 NIS,

Bicycle guided tours by Wingate certified instructor for guided tours of the area – 450-650 NIS for two hours and up to 4 hours – including training the knowledge of the country.

Bicycle tours for groups – for groups of up to 40 riders in Dabuka area, guided tours by a certified Wingate guide according to the Sports Law, escort vehicle, contact, technical backup, drinking, rs and stretcher kit, up to 3 hours – 2,800 NIS for a group from the age of 12.

Bicycle rental for individuals – 100 NIS per day (24 hours) including helmet, lock, pump, and internal replacement, – against deposit of ID / credit card.

Coordination of camel trips, hospitality in the Duai, meals and lodging for individuals and groups,
Tour routes to the springs of Zin, Ein Akev and Ein Zik, in the same price,
Transportation of cyclists from Tzukim / Tzoffar to Mizpe Ramon at the end of the single ride the “Perfumes-route”, 850 NIS for transportation – up to 7 riders including the bikes,

For bookings of Saturdays and holidays – credit card and advance payment are required for booking.

50% cancellation fee if cancellation ordered in less than 48 hours before the activity starts.