Jeep tours in Ramon Crater

- Jeep trips to the Ramon Crater center and east sites, the Tsin River Springs and the Eilat Mountains, guided and driven tours by the Ministry of Tourism license and insured with passenger transport insurance and professional responsibility, can include an "activity trip" that includes rock-surfing and shooting ranges Archery targets stationary, - In the short tour routes [two hours to four hours] we will begin the observation to the western part of the Mamel Ramon crater, at the end of the observation and the geographical review descend on Route 40 to the Ramon crater, drive in Nahal Ramon to the sandy and clay colored sites Of Mitzpe Ramon as a mining corporation in the 1950s, superior to panoramic observation and Explanation of the crater / s formation at the head of "Mount Gwen" descending in the reptile ravine is a river Gwen so named after the bones of the dinosaurs that are close to the spring and the desert of Ein Saharonim, on the half-daily route about 4 hours] We will continue to the Ardon River and the magma rooms in its walls, the dyke wall and Wells of the RTAG site to the Harmon Geologic Park and the May Abyss, where, at the end of the excursion to Mitzpe Ramon, the Tsin River tracks are ringed in a natural route to the spring and pool of Ein Aqel and the desert and the thickets and palm trees of Zeke, a fun trip and a pleasant vacation.

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