Jeep tours in the Ramon Crater

Organized Jeep tours to the Ramon Crater Nahal Tzin springs and the Eilat Mountains Reserve. You can also add rappelling and archery activities in your trip!

Short tours- Between 2-4 hours
We will start at the Mount Camel lookout overlooking the western part of the Ramon Crater, including a geographical survey of the area. Afterwards we will drive down route 40 to the Ramon Crater and drive in Nahal Ramon to the sand dunes and the colorful clay. We will discuss the establishment of Mitzpe Ramon in the 1950's , before ascending to a panoramic view and an explanation of the formation of the craters at the top of "Har Gvanim" (Mount Shades).

We will then descend the Valley of Reptiles also known as Gvanim stream, named
.after the dinosaur bones found in the vicinity of the spring and Ein Saharonim

Half Day Tour- Approximately 4 hours We will continue to Nahal Ardon and the magma rooms in its walls followed by a trip to the Beerot Campground, the official accommodation site of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, a Geological park with the colors of the Ramon area. We will take a circular route of the Nahal Zin (Zin River) to the spring and pool in Ein Akev and to the desert and the grove of poplars and palms in Ein Zik.

Full-day itineraries can be coordinated, including meals and a trip to Eilat or other areas throughout the Negev and the south.


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