Stars in the Desert - Viewing stars and celestial bodies

Stargazing in the Ramon Crater and in Mitzpe Ramon provides an amazing experience for the entire family. We discover the clear night sky illuminated with planets and shining stars and of course the magical moon craters that everyone loves to observe.

'And I will greatly multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens and as the sand which is on the seashore' (Genesis 22:17)
On the sand dunes, in the vast desert, in total darkness, when the night sky reveals itself in all its glory, strewn with shining stars, passing meteors and mysterious galaxies, we comprehend God's divine promise to Abraham.

Due to its clean air and practically zero light pollution, the Negev region and the high Negev Mountains provide a perfect opportunity to observe celestial bodies in the northern hemisphere. Studying those "close" to us, despite their distance in millions of light years, and using them to navigate our way in the dark, helps us understand our wondrous location in the infinite space of distant galaxies.

Our state-of-the-art telescopes provide the opportunity to get a taste of the solar system by participating in the stargazing experience. By way of introduction to the activity, we will start by watching a YouTube video on a giant screen.
After learning about near, distant celestial bodies, observing planets, and their lunar systems, we will learn to identify the North Star in a number of ways. The younger children will receive smaller telescopes, some through a mobile app, and with the aid of one of the adults, they will be able to spot celestial bodies.

Register online according to the available dates
The activity takes place at Carmei Har Haegev Farm/ Pnina Banegev near Mitzpe Ramon - farms in Mitzpe Ramon in the heart of vineyards and olives orchards and includes hot drinks. Book your stargazing experience online today or call Alen at


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