In jeeps to Ramon Crater - regular route

מסלול ה"רגולר" ,דהיינו טיול במסלול קבוע ובשעות מתואמות  יוצא ממלונות ואו/מנקודת איסוף במצפה רמון מידי יום,
The trip is suitable for individuals, ointments including small / young children and contains all the ingredients required for the enjoyment of a homogeneous or combined group,
An offense route that is partly challenging, partly flat and partly hilly, during which travelers will be explained about the essence of Mitzpe Ramon, past and even plans for the future, what is a crater and where is the name? What is unique about Ramon Crater, and the peaks in geology and tourism held by Mitzpe Ramon and Ramon Crater,
On the route for between colored clay layers, basalt and granite limestone landscapes, ancient gypsum rocks and we will switch between geological periods in which the sea flooded the earth and left fossil deposits
[Permitted to see and forbidden-forbidden to take] and ages with a lifeless desert climate control and alternatively a tropical area with dinosaurs and wildlife, we will learn to read the rock types and understand the differences in their construction, youth will be given the experience of riding Also a delicious popsicle in one of the encampments in the crater and of course collecting colored sand in a small test tube as a souvenir,
It is worth booking and reserving such a trip by visiting Mitzpe Ramon - the view is great and when you understand its meaning it gets a more beautiful shade,
מחיר טיול הרגולר הינו 950 ש"ח לג'יפ, [ג'יפים של 6 ועד 8 מקומות ישיבה למטיילים]
We hope to see you and meet you on our next vacation in Mitzpe Ramon, for reservations -0509988144

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